Has over 30 years of Professional Travel Counseling

Has been an integral part of your community for 20 years

Has fully trained staff experienced in arranging:

  • Business Travel
  • Business Meetings & Conventions
  • Incentive Travel
  • Leisure Travel
  • Discount Cruises
  • Discount Air Travel

Certified Travel Counselors - well established and versed staff to oversee any unusual situations


LISA MEAD, CTC, the president of the corporation, has been in the travel business for 25 years. She has been very active in travel agency affairs and in the travel industry on a whole.

J. LANCE MEAD, CEO, has been with the office for 25 years and is a very knowledgeable travel person, having worked in all phases of the industry. He has been on top of all the major changes that have been happening in the industry and instrumental in many of those changes.

Both are members in good standing and fully approved by the following travel associations: Airlines Reporting Corp. (A.R.C.), International Association of Travel Agents Network (I.A.T.A.N.), American Society of Travel Agents (A.S.T.A.), N.Y.A.S.T.A., Association of Westchester Travel Agents (A.W.T.A.), Space & Leisure Time, The Travel Authority and Cruiselink.


Our staff consists of 16 people, all with a long track record in the travel agency industry and all full experienced to handle your travel needs.


Lunar Travel Agency, Ltd. takes its business as seriously as you take yours. We are professionals; we take pride in efficiency, competence, speed and accuracy. We apply our knowledge of the latest travel regulations of the world's travel areas as though we were an arm of your company. Our commitment is to remove the maximum amount of work from you... the client.. to provide the most efficient, expeditious and cost-effective results.

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